Wheeler profile
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2'8"
Weight 55 pds
Race Gascon Saintongeois
Personal Description
Affiliation Ohu Army
Friends Karma, Nagisa Jerome, Rocca, Robert, North
Foes Kaibutsu

Wheeler is one of the assigned assassins among Jerome's group, alongside Robert, Rocca, and North.


Wheeler is a loyal and brave comrade, much like the others among Jerome's squad. However, Wheeler sometimes speak out of tern, and does speak his mind more often than the others do. He also mostly considers wild dogs lower than pet dogs, and doesn't fully consider them as one of his own. Even if mostly doing his own thing, Wheeler is rather close to the squad, and consider 2nd-in-command by Jerome himself.



He once guarded the science facility where Kaibutsu was taken into experimentation, until Kaibutsu managed to escape. Afterwards, he followed Jerome off on his mission to take him down, eventually being one of the dogs to be taken in by Karma.

When Karma and Nagisa arrived in the Ou mountains, he and the other dogs went off their own way, Jerome assigning him to stay with him while the rest went off their own way in order to find him. While going through, he comments on Kaibutsu, and was reminded by Jerome about him once being a guard dog. However, Wheeler no longer considered him one of them, and remarks his doubts over it before they continued. Later on that night, Wheeler and the others ran into members of the Ohu Army, though Wheeler didn't take them lightly, even calling them 'mutts'. However, Wheeler changed his mind after a bit once the Ohu Army had proved themselves to him. Wheeler continued off with the hunt, but, when Kaibutsu escaped, Wheeler went with Jerome to continue his mission.