High School

The main building

Yunibāsaru Junior High School is a high school located within Tokyo, Japan. It is also the main enrollment for the main characters (Nagisa Shiota, Yugure Kagayaki, Karma Akabane, etc.), and the main setting for Crossover Together.


Class 3-E

The 3-E building

Yunibāsaru Junior High School is modeled much like any other Japanese learning establishment. One key difference though is the placement of their lowest class (Class 3-E). While Classes-A through D are at the main building, 3-E was built away from the main campus, about a mile away across the mountain range. The main building is more well-kept, and more popular than the 3-E building. The 3-E building is much more like an old school cabin than an actual school, the layout made of wood, unlike its larger counterpart.

Both attachments have their own main schoolyard for gym class and/or relaxation play (the only part Class 3-E exceeds the main building at, the yard larger). The main building has many other add-ons to it though, such as a library, a school pool, and main cafeteria, many of which the 3-E building either has a smaller portion or lacks entirely. The incident birthed the


The school had trouble with bullies, and many reports from the school on such matters had made the establishment at risk of closure. One incident involved a group of boys murdering a school girl, thus resulting in a deep wound in the school's reputation. The incident birthed the "Ant system" to avoid anymore incidents. Ironically, the same method only resulted in more bullying incidents within the establishment.


The school follows a special type of learning curriculum the principal calls the "ant system", in which there's a group of slacker (3-E), and everyone else trying to avoid becoming apart of them (every other class grade level). Ironically, the method only increased the bullying range.